education consultant

Education Consultant

Are you about to start studying but you don't know what to choose?

Are you confused about choosing a University or College?

Are you planning to study outside your country but you don't know where to go and how the process is? 

Do you want to study but you don't have the finances?

Do you want to study but you don't have the time?

Do you want to enhance your skills but you don't know how to start or where to go?

We are here to assist you and make things so much easier. 

Jobs Consultant

Are you a teacher who wants to teach abroad but you are having a hard time finding a reliable source of information? 

Are you a teacher aiming to improve your skills and teaching methods, yet you don't have the time nor the finances? 

Are you a Nurse who seeks employment outside your country, but you don't know where to start and what the process is?

Are you employed but you are not really satisfied? you want a raise or a different position or even change jobs?

We can simply show you the way

Jobs conslting
Young Business Colleagues

Business Consultant

Are you planning to open a business but you lack the funds, ideas, motivation, or have obstacles on the way? 

Do you already have a business but seek to expand it, yet you don't have the capacity to do so? 

Are you running a business but you are struggling? 

Do you have issues with your employees and their performance? 

Are you thinking about adding products or services to your business, but you are unsure about it and confused?

No matter what your plan is or what the obstacle might be, we are here to guide you through.

Travel Consultant

Are you planning to travel, yet you want something really different this time? 

Do you want to travel but you have visa issues due to your nationality? 

Do you want to travel to explore future options and possibilities or even just for a time to escape the pressure you are in? 

Regardless where you are from and where you are heading to, we can assist you.

Old Globe

Migration Consultant

Have you thought of migrating, but you are so confused about the endless number of websites that provide their migration services?

Have you decided to migrate, yet you are not even sure where to? 

Do know which documents to prepare and how? do you know where to start and how the process is? Do you know how to save time, money and efforts? 

Did you ever think of the alternatives?

Whatever your plans and reasons are for migrating, we can set the path for you.


Whether the exam is for migration, employment or promotion purposes; these exams can be very painful if not properly prepared for. 

If you have to take an English proficiency test, such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, APTIS, etc. people tend to get a course and that's about it, drilling and practicing.  

Did you think of how to pass the exam by learning the tricks and techniques of each exam? 

Nurses for example who plan to work in the USA have to take the NCLEX exam, has anyone guided you to adapt methods and techniques that are effective efficient and time saving? 

No matter which exam you are preparing for, we can help you.

Students Taking Exams


Do you want to propose, but you are hesitant? 

Are you in fear of being turned down?

Are you trying to get married internationally, yet you are uncertain how to go about it?

What are the things you need to know prior to getting married, whether locally of internationally?

What are the documents you need and how will you authenticate them?

Do you live in a country that has marriage customs and you feel constrained?

Are you sure that you are ready becoming a married man or woman? do you actually know the signs of being ready?

Are you getting married because you love the person, or because there is an interest behind it? or maybe because there is a pressure from your family? 

Whatever the situation is, rest assured that we can guide you.


Have you ever thought in depth what a real relationship is? 

What does it really mean (Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Best Friend, Friend)? 

Have you ever wondered why your relationships end quickly? or why do you have heartbreaks? or why is it so hard to forget someone or getting over it?

Have you ever wondered why some people are so lucky and easily get themselves into a relationship, yet you struggle with it, despite that you have more qualities than the others?

Have you ever felt desperate and stuck, and you don't really know what to do? 

Did you ever feel cheated, betrayed, lied to, yet you didn't know how to really react? You might feel sad, angry, frustrated, but did you take the right course of action? 

The questions are endless, and the possibilities are enormous. However, we can surely help you. Sometimes, the simplest advice can have the most positive effect on your life. 

Romantic Couple

Health & Medical Consultant

Donating Blood

Have you been endlessly searching for treatments and remedies that will help you with your condition (regardless what is is)? 

Have you been trying to find ways to enhance your health? there are thousands of sites that offer different things, and it is simply impossible to follow them all. You might try a few and spend so much money, yet with no significant improvement. 

Did you ever encounter so many different medical advises from various doctors? What did you do and whom did you follow? 

Have you ever thought of a medical treatment outside your own country? where should you go, which hospital should you approach? what is the process and the procedure? 

If you lack the funding, what are your options? 

Of course we don't claim to have a treatment for every ailment, nor do we claim to have a medical advice for every condition. However, we are here to help you find the track. Remember that every condition has a root cause. Some simple remedies can save you thousands of thousands of dollars, it can save you the frustration, agony and sleepless nights. 


Have you ever felt that your life is upside down despite that you are working hard?

Have you ever felt that nothing is working for you, no matter how hard you try? 

Have you ever felt that something is blocking your path? and that you never finish what you have started?

Have you noticed constant obstacles in your way, every time you are getting closer to fulfilling a dream or finish something important, something comes up and you are back to square one?

Have ever noticed that everything you do has to be the hard way? on the contrary to others who get it much easier.

Have you noticed fatigue despite that you rest, and pain despite that the doctors tell you that there is not wrong with you?

There are literally thousands of websites that offer treatments, however, the sad fact is that many of them are simply scammers, and you end up paying thousands of dollars with no results. 

It is extremely hard finding legit people who know what they are doing and are professionals in their filed, people who genuinely help you with your problem without scamming you.


We can surely guide you. 

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